7 Amazing New Features You will Spot in New Adwords Interface

Despite the fact that the New AdWords Experience (AKA the new UI) doesn’t exactly have feature parity with the current AdWords yet, it really offers some selective features. They can be difficult to recognize without some chasing, so one of the experts of SEO Company Bangalore have accumulated them here in one place.


The new interface has been relentlessly taking off to more publicists over the previous year, and Google says it will be accessible to everybody by year-end. Those with get to can even now explore forward and backward between the two interfaces. It can require some time to get used to the new look and format, yet the new elements should give advertisers an additional incentive to get open to working in the new interface. The expert has also mentioned about the handy new perceptions in the interface that can spare analysis time.

Below given is the list of what’s presently just available in the new UI and some other great new features that will be coming the months ahead.

  1. Promotion extensions

Unless you have beta access in the old interface, the best way to get to the new promotion extension is by means of the new UI. Promotion extensions enable you to show and connection to a particular offer in text ads. The tag icon in this extension encourages it emerge on the page.

  1. Household income targeting in search

Household income reporting and targeting is accessible for search campaigns from the Demographics tab in the new interface. In the old interface, household income targets must be connected by means of area targeting.

A chart at the highest point of the page makes it simple to rapidly perceive how your campaigns perform along household income segments. Bid adjustments can be place at the campaign or ad group level.


  1. Audiences page

A new Audiences page offering a solitary place to oversee audience targeting and optimizations was appeared at Google Marketing Next amid the efficiency portion of the live stream.

Features that are Coming soon…

There are a few new components in progress that will be taking off to the new interface throughout the following couple of months.

  1. Landing page performance

Advertisers will have the capacity to get bits of knowledge on their different landing pages in one place. The new landing page screen will be like the advertisements and keywords pages. . The point is to enable publicists to upgrade for better user experiences and enhance promotion execution, especially on mobile. This could begin appearing in the new interface later this year.

  1. Custom in-market audiences

In-market audiences are coming to Search campaigns. Google will likewise be launching custom in-market audiences that can be customized in light of the advertiser’s website, campaign performance and business objectives. Search for this later this year.

  1. Google attribution

This was the enormous new product declaration from Google Marketing Next. The new free attribution product will be coordinated into the new interface.

  1. Store sales measurement uploads

Retailers that apprehend loyalty program emails at the purpose of offer can import store exchanges into AdWords straightforwardly or through an outsider. Exact timing is as yet fluffy, however it will launch in the new UI at eventually this year.

Final Words

Also, that is the thing that the expert knows up until this point. Going ahead, an expert can anticipate that Google will continue taking off new components in the New AdWords Experience rather than the present interface.

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